Shiatsu & Nuad Boran Thaï


Shiatsu and Nuad Boran Thaï are two similar techniques, which can be used jointly during the same session. They are practiced dressed, lying on a futon; the masseur acts by pressures, using mainly his fingers but also palms, elbows and knees. They provide a preventive effect to keep the balance of vital energy. They reduce tensions and pains in articulations or muscles.

Shiatsu comes from Japan. When applied to relax, it reduces stress and improves energy balance. It is also efficient to reduce muscle tension, notably in the back. It provides in most cases, and as soon as the first session, a real and lasting relief. It can be practiced on a chair, combining in a 30 minute session, relaxation techniques and treatment of the back.

Thai stretching, applied especially to the legs can complete shiatsu to give more mobility to the joints. This combination is more adapted to tensions related to regular sport.

Nuad Boran Thai is an ancient art, part of traditional Thai medicine. The sessions can be focused on general relaxation or on stress reduction and muscle-tendon pain in a particular area.




By acting on the feet and lower legs, this technique stimulates the organs connected with the reflex areas located in the feet.


Abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang)


The session is almost exclusively devoted to the abdomen. By pressure, whose depth gradually increases, this massage restores energy and oxygen to the organs of the abdomen, reduces stress and relaxes the lower back.


Sport massage (deep tissue)

This massage relaxes muscles by deep action on tissues.

Baby massage

This is service trains parents to gently massing their Baby, and to some other techniques to better live with Baby

Cellulite massage

This is service acts on cellulite cells to favour their alimination

Lymphatic drainage

This is service stimulates lymphatic system, notably vessels, in order to improve immune system and resorb edemas. It may be combined with cellulite massage.

“A la carte“ Massage

Several techniques are combined in one session, according to the expectations of the recipient.